Privacy Policy


This Policy sets out the details of privacy policy and practices of Praguni regarding collection, use and disclosure of certain information. By visiting the Website and using the Service, you convey a standing and continuing consent to and acceptance of the policy and practices described below. Each visit or use of the Website also signifies that you consent to and accept the policy and practices described below.

1. Collection of information

1.1 Information we collect about you helps us personalise and continually improve user experience. We appreciate the trust placed by you in Praguni that information collected about you will be used carefully and sensibly.

1.2 We receive and store data which you enter into our Website or provide to us otherwise. Examples of such information include your name, gender, age, address, pin code, payment information, occupation information, language preferences, content preferences, account settings, user generate comments or media, search terms, profile information, etc.

1.3 We and certain third parties on our behalf receive and store certain types of information when you interact with our Website, advertisement or direct marketing material. We also use “cookies” and obtain certain information. Examples of such information include geo-location data, system information, network information, error notifications, log data, etc.

1.4 We may also infer some information through computer assisted analysis of usage and log data.

1.5 We may also obtain information through third parties, such as social media network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) when you choose to link your accounts, and add such information to your user information available with us. We collect data from third party sources only when we have assurances that data is being shared with your permission.

1.6 Information collected by us is stored in secure data servers. Information is only machine readable and no individual can access sensitive information such as payment information or details relating to the User.

1.7 By using or continuing to use our Services, you agree and consent to our use of your data and information including personal sensitive information, in accordance with the Privacy policy, which may be amended from time to time without any prior notice or intimation.

1.8 You also agree to disclosure of information with government authorities and agencies and courts of law, if required by applicable law.

2. Payment and billing information

2.1 When you purchase a subscription play by using one or more payment services, we may collection payment information such as credit/ debit card details or other banking information along with the date, time and amount of the transaction payment. Such information is stored by our payment processors and associated with our unique merchant ID assigned by the payment processor, together with unique customer ID provided by us. This is necessary for facilitating payment and accounting.

2.2 Such information is processed entirely by computer systems, algorithms or protocols without human intervention by Praguni, its directors, officers, employees, representatives or consultants.

2.3 All payments through electronic process are subject to such terms and conditions are specified by the payment gateway service provider and bankers, and applicable law.

3. Purpose of collection of information

3.1 We collect data and information with your consent and on lawful basis. The data collected is used only for lawful purposes. Data collected by us is primarily used to deliver the Services to you.

3.2 Information collected is required for execution of lawful and binding contract between the User and Praguni and for performance of the contract by Praguni by creation of user account, process payment details, provide technical support, comply with applicable laws by determining geographic data, provide personalised experience, and research and analysis for development and improvement of Services.

3.3 We also have the legal obligation to collect of user information to enable detection, prevention and investigation of unlawful or illegal activities.

3.4 Praguni may also uses automated data analysis to provide usage-based or personalised advertisement and marketing material.

3.5 Please note that if you choose to not disclose or share any information as required by Praguni, we may be unable to provide you the Services in entirety.

4. Disclosure

4.1 Praguni may disclose information with third-parties who provide services to Praguni, such as marketing, analysis, research, information technology services, bankers or payment processors, etc. Information shared will be under strict confidentiality agreements.

4.2 In the event of any requirement by government agency or authority or court of law, we will disclose information as required under the law.

5. Security of information

5.1 Praguni adopts the best practices of the industry and state-of-the-art technology tools to ensure safety and security of user information. Praguni takes all reasonable steps required under the law to ensure safety and security of information and data collected and stored. Praguni is also fully compliant with the applicable law and regulations relating to data security practices and safety of data.

Praguni will not be liable for any information put out by the User and made visible to all users of the Website, such as at support page, comments section, etc.

6. Opting out

6.1 Praguni makes various options available to the User to opt out of or not provide certain type of information. User may also choose opt out of use-based advertisement and promotional materials, push notifications, etc. These features are available after creation of user account, under the account settings section.

7. Modifications

7.1 The Privacy Policy may be amended, modified or altered from time to time at the sole discretion of Praguni It shall be the responsibility of the User to stay updated and informed of any such changes. Your continued association with us will invariably mean that you are informed and updated on all such changes. You may not receive a separate notification of any changes in the Terms.

7.2 If you do not agree with the Policy or the updates thereto you should stop using the Service and cancel your subscription.

8. Contact us

8.1 If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or your usage of the Website, you may contact us

8.2 You can also reach out to us at

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